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Welcome to "THE MONK MYSTERIES" NEW BLOG & WEBSITE. This is a place for an Old Curmudgeon (Myself), a self proclaimed "Observer of Humanity and any other Critical Thinker who my wander in to exchange ideas, concerns and possible remedies to problems. The revised version of THE MONK (Vol 1) will be published the end of December and mid-January.

Vol. 2 The Gumdrop House Affair is still on the Kindle Race Relations Best Seller List for the 19th month. Since I am Trilingual speaking English, Sarcasm and Profanity I will and ask you to keep the third language to a minimum. However,vile attacks, racist rants or demeaning innuendos won't be tolerated and I won't write any. There are only two exceptions: the Dallas Cowboys and Ohio State University.

I am a thick headed Irish Catholic, Notre Dame fan. So, I have an opinion all almost everything including the present state of the Catholic Church. As you read the Monk Mysteries, I'm just assuming you will, you will find that the Monk(William Yeats Butler)is complex, as most of us are and tries to show compassion and caring to all.

As a Viet Nam Vet and retired Criminal Investigator I have seen all the best and worst humanity has to offer. As we go I think you will see that the Monk and I try to care for all we meet. However, you and I know there are just too many Dipsticks out there for that to happen. So, we try to do them no harm.

Until next time sports Fans.

The Gumdrop House Affair is available on Amazon & Barnes& Nobel.


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