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The Monk

A Catholic Priest talking about "Evil" is not unusual. However, a Catholic Priest looking directly into the eyes of "Evil" who the Monk calls "The Ugly" is unusual even for the Capitol Hill area of Denver. This is just one of the spiritual tests that Father William Butler faces as he assists his ex-partner Det. Sgt. Jack Laskey of the Denver Police Department investigate the death of Julia Lopez, dubbed "the murder of the decade." 

With the political pressure applied by the Governor, Archbishop of Denver, and the Franciscan Provincial, the Monk becomes a "Special Consultant" and as he and Laskey had done so many times before, search the streets of Denver for a murderer. During the course of the investigation, the Monk confronts "The Ugly" in many forms.

William Yeats Butler, known as the "Monk" on Capitol Hill, gave up a promising career in the NGL to become a policeman. He had been an All American at Notre Dame and was a role model in Denver. Through 10 years with Laskey as his partner, they worked patrol, narcotics, and homicide. They were "The Toughest" Cops on the Streets of Denver.

The Gumdrop House Affair

A Jewish Accountant chokes on a Polish Sausage in a city park. A young Catholic Priest is found wearing only his collar with a dead "Gay Hooker" hanging from the ceiling. The body of Mafia "Construction Baron" is found in the parking lot of the Diocese of Denver.

It's Obvious how Denver Homicide Detectives, Sargent Jack Laskey and his partner Detective Mai Li McDuff would become involved with these events. But how does Father William Yeats Butler of the Franciscan Order become totally involved in these events and more with his ex-partner Jack Laskey. 

In the tenth year of his police career, the Monk felt a calling to the Priesthood. He felt as a police officer, he was only dealing with the spiritual symptoms of humanity's illness. 

Dueling with "The Ugly," the monk sets out to cure the epidemic that plagues the world of men.



Timony Mckeever has spent over 30 years in the criminal justice system as an investigator. Mckeever began his law enforcement career in 1966 as a Military Policeman serving in Vietnam from December 1967 to December 1968 encompassing the 1968 Tet Offensive. 


Returning to Michigan, he joined the Lansing Police Department and worked patrol in mostly high crime areas. 1973 brought a move to the Lakewood Dept. of Public Safety, Lakewood, Colorado. Patrol, Supervisor of a multi-jurisdictional narcotics unit, K-9 Handler, District Attorney investigator continued to expand Mckeever's investigative experience. 


From 1995 until retiring in 2010 Mckeever worked as a Criminal Defense Investigator for the Superior Court and then the Public Defender's Office of Yavapai County, Arizona. Since he knows the "Streets" from both sides, it gives Mckeever's writing a realistic insight and realism not often found. 


A World and National record holding Power Lifter, Mckeever founded the REC-N-CRU Power Team in 2010. As a team, they set or broke over 200 World Records in two different Drug-Free Federations. 

It is, as a masterful story-teller, the Mckeever excels. As a self-proclaimed "Thick Headed Irish Catholic with a Zen Blend," Mckeever's faith and Catholic Church are major forces throughout Vol. I "The Monk," and Vol. II "The Gumdrop House Affair." 


From The Mind of McKeever


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